Frequently Asked Questions

What is marker, and why do you need it? Show answer
Our marker is a special picture/image. Fingo uses the camera in your smartphone/tablet to recognize this image so you can see virtual furniture at your place.
What do I have to do after application is launched? Show answer
You’ll need the marker for further actions. First, place the marker on the floor. Then select a model from the catalog and point the camera of your smartphone / tablet onto the marker. You can also visit our website & see the section "How to use the application?" or watch a video instruction.
Where can I get the marker? Show answer
You can download it from our or you can write to us infо and we'll send you the marker via e-mail.
I chose the model from the catalog, but I can’t see it in my room. Show answer
Marker is not detected because it might not be seen by your camera. It has to be seen by the camera all the time.
What are my actions if the model disappeared? Show answer
This can happen if the marker stopped being detected by the camera. You have to focus the camera & bring it closer to the marker.
How can I change the color of the model? Show answer
You can choose any available color by pressing the button with image of the model in "interior look" mode.
How can I see (preview) other models? Show answer
You have to return to the previous section ("Back" button) and choose the "Catalog" button in the lower menu.
Can I reduce or increase the model size? Show answer
You can’t do it because all the models are in real size.
What are my actions if the model disappeared? Show answer
This can happen if the model is outside of the camera. Choose "center view" button .
Do You still have any questions? Show answer
Please let us know! infо We will do our best to respond!
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