Create the interior of your dream anywhere!

Fingo is a service, that will help your clients to make an elaborate purchase decision

We create the conditions under which your customers will be interacting with the product for a long time; examining it from all sides and trying to fit it in their interior. The Fingo service helps the customers to make a confident choice, and you get the audience prepared for buying.

Download the application Download the Fingo application for free and start experimenting!

Give your customers a convenient service for furniture selection

Sell furniture through mobile devices

  1. Mobile devices have changed the buyers’ behavior and became an important shopping tool.
  2. 79% of the owners of Smartphones use their gadgets for shopping.
  3. Every third customer utilizes his Smartphone for searching the information instead of asking a shop assistant.
  4. The probability of a purchase in the process of studying the goods in the augmented reality increases by 135%
  5. Using the mobile devices will help you attract new customers and save the old ones.

Benefit from using Fingo

How it works

  1. Send us your product (3D/CAD models or photos of product and its description)
  2. We create the realistic 3D-model of your product
  3. We publish 3D-models of your products in Fingo app.
  4. Your product is available in Fingo app!

Fingo – a unique platform, enabling the customers to interact with the product, viewing it from different angles, and eventually purchasing it. Customers can easily create a draft design of their interior, by simply adding the 3-D models of furniture to the real premises.

Create your own showroom right now!

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